How would you like to earn money staying home and playing
games with your friends all day?


You can learn about this Business Opportunity by following these THREE simple steps:

Become a ZBO

Become a Z Business Owner (ZBO) Today!

Some of the greatest minds in skill gaming, fantasy sports, network marketing, and social networking have come together to form FantaZ!

FantaZ has developed the most advanced technology in the online gaming world, by combining the markets for online skill gaming, cash tournaments, and social networking into a Business Opportunity. Our players are uniquely poised to take advantage of this Business Opportunity by becoming a part of this rapidly growing market segment and making more money than they ever dreamed possible by becoming an independent ZBO for FREE! This new proprietary, state-of-the-art global gaming platform makes it possible for you to earn money in multiple different ways. It's amazing!

Now, just by playing games and bringing your friends to play games, you will be rewarded with residual income. Imagine the exponential growth from earning money from your friends playing games, and their friends playing games, and their friends playing games seven levels deep.

Imagine the potential of building a global business on multiple platforms, generating commissions for you in a real-time environment 7 days a week 365 days a year. Welcome to the Z. It's like lightning in a bottle.

Being a ZBO is not about door-to-door or face-to-face sales with the Z. There are no employees, no products to manufacture, no shipping, no strange concoctions to consume, and no limits! Your Z Business has real-time statistics, instant payments, unlimited opportunity and it's fun, exciting, and entertaining for everyone!

This is not traditional network marketing. There are no home meetings, no whiteboard presentations, no kits, and no order-taking. All the tools are at your fingertips online with your virtual office and sponsoring someone is as easy as emailing a link ( or posting a message on your Facebook profile. When you invite your friends to the Z, you are automatically linked as the sponsor, and you earn commissions as soon as they start playing for cash, and for the friends that they sponsor, and the friends they sponsor...

The fun and the money never stops with the Z!

All references to income, implied or stated through the FantaZ Compensation Plan, are for illustration purposes only.
Earnings from the FantaZ Compensation Plan solely depend on each participant's skill, ability and personal application.